Inspiring and educational talks delivered by health and wellness experts

Rejoov delivers corporate wellness workshops on an extensive range of health and wellness topics – with an aim to create healthier, happier, and more productive workplaces. 

We offer corporate wellness workshops throughout Perth, regional Western Australia and offsite. Expert presenters deliver high quality talks on topics such as office stress, staff mental health, nutrition and natural therapies. Our hands-on workshops provide practical tips, simple techniques, and industry best practices to motivate staff and improve performance. Post-session E-books and downloads ensure the lesson is ongoing. 

Book a single session, or build a program to address numerous topics over weeks or months. Choose from a one hour, half day or full day workshop, presented at your workplace or chosen venue. 

With almost two decades experience in the corporate wellness industry, we can tailor a program to address specific health issues and interests of your team. Get in touch to receive a tailored workshop program for your workplace.

Success Story

"I attended the session on positive thinking and it was a fabulous refresher on re-adjusting thought patterns and taking a solutions based approach to life in general and at work!

We also did a relaxation activity and talked about relaxation techniques. It was very useful, and so relaxing!"

Teacher at Balcatta Senior High School – Perth


Office Stress Management

Teach team members to understand how chronic stress impacts individuals and the workplace. Learn innovative and positive approaches to manage stress.

Nutrition Workshops

Simple changes to our eating habits can improve brain performance, memory, fatigue, energy levels, mental clarity and concentration. Teach your staff simple, proactive nutrition habits that make a big difference to health and vitality. 

Energy Boosters, Fatigue Fighters

Our fast-paced lifestyles can place a strain on our immune systems, lower energy levels and create fatigue. Discover practical tips boost energy, fight fatigue and maximise sleep.

Staff Mental Health

Discover various approaches to enhance and heighten a sense of happiness and health among team members. Inspire staff to take action at both home and work, by introducing strategies to create happiness, positive thinking and improved self esteem.

Breath and Relaxation

Practice breathing and relaxation techniques that engage the parasympathetic nervous system. By using the breath to release stress, calm the nervous system and regain emotional balance, we can remain calm during stressful moments at work.

Natural Therapies Workshops

Explore a variety of natural approaches to improving health, calming nerves and finding balance. Team members will discover how to use different natural therapies to be the most healthy, vibrant version of themselves. 

FREE onsite health checks with all wellness workshop bookings

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Debbie Elton - Naturopath

Corporate Wellness Workshops - Rejoov Presenter Debbie Elton

Rejoov's founder Debbie has been practicing naturopathy, massage and health restoring techniques at her Edgewater clinic for twenty years. Debbie has extensive expertise in stress reduction, optimal health and wellbeing. She's passionate about educating the workers of Perth in stress management. 

Paul Wendley - Nutritionist


Paul has over twenty-six years experience as a nutritional consultant, educator, and health foods chef. His focus is on clinical nutrition, food as medicine, mental emotional balance and healthy cooking. Paul enjoys presenting on energy balance in the work place, using food as medicine, stress management and healthy digestion. 

Natalie Elliott - Naturopath

Corporate Wellness Workshops - Rejoov Presenter Natalie Elliot

A qualified naturopath and educator, Natalie has been providing wellness workshops to Perth businesses for more than fourteen years.  Natalie's teachings are practical, relevant, evidence-based, achievable and shaped to meet to the demands of a modern lifestyle. Her topics include happiness, stress resilience and fighting fatigue. 

Expand your workplace wellness program with an interactive wellness class

Check out our classes including yoga, tai chi, meditation and group fitness.



Offer training sessions and staff benefits to align personal and professional goals of staff. Teach techniques to manage stress and mental health, and in turn improve productivity. 


Create a program that addresses the needs, issues and interests of your team. You can then focus your time and resources on achieving business goals.


Improve employee engagement by offering personal development opportunities and staff support. Educate management teams and create a supportive workplace. 

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