Fun and engaging corporate classes that foster positive team dynamics

Rejoov’s group classes are a positive and playful way to introduce movement, joy and team building into your organisation. Participants are left feeling energised, engaged and ‘in tune’ with their colleagues.

We design and deliver classes across the Perth metro area, regional WA and offshore. Each class is tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Employees learn practical skills to manage stress, be present and productive, or improve communication. 

With nearly two decades experience in the corporate wellness industry, we pride ourselves on offering flexible programs to suit any organisation. Adapt a class to suit your theme, seating arrangements, availability and budget. You can choose one style, or a sample of classes, to fit your corporate wellness program. 

Get in touch today to design a wellness program for your workplace or event. 

Success Story

"The presenter was welcoming and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. She lead a very skilful, colour meditation session, which I found very creative and deeply relaxing. Wonderful!"

Teacher at Balcatta Senior High School, Perth

Mindfulness Classes

Corporate Mindfulness Training

Learn practical mindful exercises to weave into everyday life. Develop an understanding of how mindfulness can benefit emotions and mindset. 

Meditation Classes

Corporate Meditation Class

Learn meditation principles and a variety of meditation styles. Reduce stress and anxiety by calming the scattered rays of the mind. 

Corporate Cooking Classes

Corporate Cooking Classes

[Raw or Healthy] A nutritionist will explain how to prepare a variety of delicious and healthy meals, while participants enjoy food samples.

Corporate Yoga and Pilates

Corporate Yoga Perth

Pilates, Yoga: Matt, Seated or Laughter 

Practices to de-stress or alleviate common office ailments such as back or shoulder pain.

Tai Chi and Chi Ball Classes

Workplace Wellness Classes - Tai Chi

A slow, meditative physical and mental exercise designed to promote stress reduction and good health. 

Corporate Fitness Classes

Corporate Fitness Classes

Boxercise, Boot Camp, Circuits, Zumba

Dynamic, high-energy drills and exercises make for excellent team building activities.

Mindful Movement

Corporate Wellness Classes - Mindful Movement by Rejoov

This fun and engaging class teaches mindful movement steps to bring ease, energy and equilibrium back to the body and mind. 

Thai Massage

Corporate Wellness Classes - Thai Massage by Rejoov

Colleagues enjoy a playful class and discover the sacred healing art of Thai Massage. Learn skills to share with family and friends.

Drumming Classes

Corporate Drumming Class

These fun and interactive sessions establish positive team values in a non-threatening environment. 

FREE onsite health checks with all wellness workshop bookings


Rejoov's classes teach employees techniques to manage stress and deal with different stressors in the workplace.


Workplace wellness is about creating a healthy, happy and productive workplace, where employees feel valued, engaged and experience benefit from their work life.


Rejoov's wellness programs overhaul the health and wellbeing of your organisation. By creating a healthier workforce, you can focus on your professional goals.  

Complete your corporate wellness program by adding an educational workshop

Check out our workshops on topics such as stress management, mental health and relaxation.  

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