Rejoov is a Perth-based company specialising in mobile corporate massage and wellness solutions.

Skilled and highly qualified wellness specialists visit workplaces and events in the Perth CBD and suburbs, offshore and throughout Western Australia. 

Founder, Naturopath Debbie Elton, began Rejoov almost two decades ago to help educate and de-stress the workers of Perth.

With Debbie’s extensive expertise in stress reduction, optimal health and wellbeing – she understood that workplace wellness is about more than hosting a yoga class or a stress workshop. It’s about creating a healthy, happy, and productive workplace, where employees feel valued. 

We believe the success of an organisation is driven by its staff. That's why...

benefits of healthy workplaces:

"The healthiest Australian employees are almost 3 times more productive than unhealthy colleagues"

Medibank Private. 2005. The Health of Australia’s Workforce (2005)

"For every dollar spent on successful implementation, there is an average $2.30 in benefits gained"

PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers). 2014. Creating a mentally healthy workplace: return on investment analysis.


WA Owned and Operated

Being proudly WA owned, we love travelling to the regions that don’t get much access to wellness services. For all WA businesses, we understand the stress on staff in boom time and the financial pressures of the busts. We will work with you through the highs and lows.


We have been providing workplace wellness services in Perth for almost two decades and we know our services make a positive difference. Rejoov prides itself on delivering outstanding, high quality and exceptional service every time we visit.

A Simple, Stress Free Process

Rejoov understands that every office, team and budget is different. We can build a package to accommodate your needs whether you have a large or small office, want ongoing services or a one-time treatment. From the initial brainstorm and planning phase, through to implementation and delivery, we ensure both the organiser and the service recipients have a wonderful, enjoyable experience



Our wellness experts are all qualified, highly skilled and committed to making ‘Rejoov Time’ seamless and enjoyable. 


We will tailor a package of wellness that is perfect for your organisation's needs and easy for you to implement. 


Our wellness specialists are attentive and responsive to the needs of your organisation and your team. 


We are always adding new services to our wellness programs - from teaching Thai Massage to Mindful Movement. If you want it, we will arrange it.


Our therapists are non-intrusive and considerate about making staff feel comfortable. Our programs promote fun, healthy and stress-free activities.


We practice tithing: a monthly donation of 10% of profits. By engaging Rejoov’s services you are supporting The Fred Hollows Foundation, or you can even nominate your chosen charity.



"Wood & Grieve Engineers have dealt with Rejoov for quite a few years. We have found the organisation to be very professional and very accommodating to our needs. The masseuses are also very friendly and helpful and also conduct themselves very professionally."

- Corporate massage services


  "The day was fantastic overall and the guys are really keen on doing another one. I found the session very informative and the meditation energising. Even though we had our eyes closed, it certainly "opened my eyes" to alternative methods to relaxing and (awareness) of stress... (She) gave some great ideas on how to fix some things up."

- Corporate workshops and classes


"We at GlobeBD Accounting have been using Rejoov in our office for over 10 years now and it is still the best day of the month! Whether the masseur brings in their chair or (table), the experience has not waned over the years. The gentlemen enjoy it as much as the ladies. There is always a sense of great anticipation by all the staff on this day of the month!"

-Corporate massage services


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