If you have questions about workplace wellness programs, our FAQ and answers might help. 

Our priority is helping your staff relax and rejuvenate, and we can always customise our services to your organisation's needs. 

Workplace Wellness Programs by Rejoov

Can Rejoov accommodate a large group?

Yes we can and this is one of Rejoov’s points of difference. Our fabulous team of wellness specialists can cater for a 2-hour contract or many wellness services in 1 day. 

For example, a wellness event might include 50-hours massage, yoga and meditation classes, stress workshops and health checks all delivered concurrently.

Which locations do you service?

Rejoov wellness services are delivered on-site at workplaces from the Perth metro area to regional Western Australia. Be your location in the Perth CBD, suburbs, offshore or greater WA, we can be there. 

Are Rejoov's staff qualified and covered by insurance?

All Rejoov presenters, facilitators and massage therapists are fully qualified, affiliated with a relevant association and fully insured.

Can we claim our our workplace wellness program?

Insurance This depends on your insurance policy. Before booking, speak to your Insurance Broker to see if your policy covers workplace wellness services. 

Tax If you are offering your wellness program free to staff, it may be tax deductible. 

If you can claim our services, we'll work with you to customise a program to suit. All our staff are fully qualified and our therapists are affiliated with an association.

Workplace Wellness Programs by Rejoov

What is workplace massage?

Workplace massage is performed on-site at your workplace or event. Experienced massage therapists visit your chosen venue and provide 5 to 90-minute massages. Rejoov can provide 1 therapist to service your booking or as many as needed to effectively suit your schedule and the size of your team.

You can choose from the following formats:

  • workstation massage (performed at the staff members desk) 
  • ergonomic chair massage
  • table massage

How long is each massage, and which body parts are massaged?

Workplace massage can be anywhere between 5 and 90-minutes in length depending on your needs and the massage format. 

The massages are usually a mix of remedial and relaxation massage, typically focusing on the neck, back and shoulders. However, if your staff have a particular area of need such as RSI or headaches, our therapists will work with your requests.

Do staff need to bring anything?

Rejoov will bring everything required for the massage. Staff can simply stay in their office clothes and nothing special is needed. Seated and table massages can be performed fully clothed (without oils), or we can provide traditional table massage.

Do we need a designated area for massage?

Workstation massage, as the name implies is performed at the staff members work desk. Chair and table massage can be provided in a quiet space or designated boardroom.

How do we schedule staff for massages?

We focus on a simple process. During workstation massages our therapists make their way around providing blissful stress relief to staff. We have a tried and trusted method to communicate to staff with minimal disruption. 

Chair or table massage are usually performed in a designated area. For teams of 10 or more we recommend creating a schedule - we will run through this with you upon booking

Who pays for the service and how does payment work?

Our longevity and flexibility of service allow this to happen in whatever way suits your organisation.  You can choose either:

  • Management pays: Rejoov will invoice your business after the massages have taken place
  • Individuals pay: This option is available for workstation or chair massage. Contact us for proven simple and effective ways to implement this in your workplace (Conditions Apply).

I'm still confused about massage duration - how does it work?

Here's an example: 

You make a 4-hour booking for a massage therapist.

Within the booking, you choose to offer 15-minute massages to staff.

Therefore, 16 staff will receive 15-minute massages within the 4-hour booking.

If you are still confused - get in touch and we can explain.



What can we expect when booking a workshop with Rejoov?

When booking a workshop, you will be sent an email requesting some information: the desired outcome, number of attendees and some information about your organisation and employees. This is so we can target the workshop to the correct audience and attain the desired outcome of the organiser.

Most presentations are interactive, however the amount of participation will depend on the presentation topic. Some workshops include resources to take home.

Do we need a designated space for the workshop?

The majority of presentations are delivered in a board room, tea room or some location away from monitors and phones. However, this really depends on your office layout. Rejoov will be very happy to discuss this with you, to help maximise the benefit of the presentation.

Do we need audio visual equipment?

Most of Rejoov's presentations require a projector to display a slideshow. If the presentation is in a large hall or auditorium, we recommend using a microphone and speaker. Rejoov can supply the AV equipment (at additional cost) or we can use equipment supplied by your organisation.

How long is the workshop, and how many people can attend?

Rates for 1-hour workshops are displayed, but we offer anything from 45-minute sessions to full day workshops. Our presenters are flexible and will tailor a workshop to your needs.

The number of attendees may be influenced by the available space. Rates are provided for workshops with as many as 20 attendees. If you are expecting more attendees, please contact Rejoov for a quote. 

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Are Rejoov's wellness classes suited to everyone?

Rejoov's wellness classes are designed for all ages and fitness levels. Our teachers will personalise the classes to suit all attendees. 

Do we need designated space?

We can host the class in a suitable space - a boardroom, spare office, a rooftop or nearby park. The amount of attendees may depend on the space you have available. We are happy to guide you with this.

Do staff need to bring anything?

Most classes require staff to wear comfortable attire and bring a water bottle. If anything else is required, we will let you know upon booking.

What times are classes available?

We can hold the class anytime that suits your schedule, be it morning, lunch-time or evening.

Are your yoga and exercise teachers certified?

Yes, all Rejoov facilitators are qualified, affiliated with a relevant association, and fully insured.

Still have questions?

Let's chat over the phone, or we can visit you in person. We're happy to answer your questions, and you can find out how to create a healthier, happier, and more productive workplace.

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