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The material on this site is not intended to offer medical or health advice, and it is not intended for therapeutic purposes. The website content does not substitute professional medical advice. Users should seek appropriate advice from a qualified healthcare professional.

Consumer guarantee

Rejoov complies with Australian Consumer Law, and guarantees that our services are:

  • Provided with due care and skill
  • Fit for the particular purpose specified by the consumer and agreed to by Rejoov
  • Provided within the time and date of the agreement 

If the consumer guarantee is not met by Rejoov’s services, Rejoov will work with the customer to provide an appropriate remedy be it a refund, or repeat service. 


Rejoov does not accept any legal liability for injury, loss or damage arising from the material contained on this website or any linked site, or from engaging in Rejoov’s services.

Rejoov creates wellness programs to suit participants of all ages and fitness levels. Individual participants are responsible for assessing own risk. Rejoov will accept no liability for participant injuries that occur while the service is being provided.


By booking Rejoov’s services you agree to adhere to the following booking conditions and accept responsibility for participants.

Booking Confirmation

  • An email is required to confirm your booking in writing.
  • Confirmation of participant numbers is required at least 2-days before the service is provided.



  • Prices are quoted in AUD, exclusive of GST.
  • Prices are estimated and subject to change. A quote will be provided to confirm the final price.
  • Rejoov reserves the right to review the quote, for changes including but not limited to decrease or increase in participant numbers. 
  • Should a particular service not be available, Rejoov will supply a suitable alternative of similar cost, in consultation with the client.
  • Rates include travel within 25km of: Perth Metro, Joondalup or Fremantle

Pricing variations

  • Prices may vary, inclusive but not dependent on frequency and location.
  • We offer free set up and pack down when it takes 10 minutes from parking to the service room. Charges may apply for parking fees or a longer set up and pack down. 
  • A surcharge applies for services provided outside of business hours and on weekends.
  • If a security pass is required, please arrange prior to the day. If this is not arranged beforehand, Rejoov may charge for the time.

Repeat bookings

We offer discounted rates for repeat bookings. 

  • Massage: discounted rate is available from the second visit onwards, when Rejoov returns within 4 weeks of the previous visit. Minimum booking of 2-hours.
  • Classes and Workshops: To receive discounted rates, the client must schedule the dates for every service. Cancellation fees apply (see below).
  • Wellness Classes: Discounted rates are available for repeat bookings of the same class category

Special Offer: Book 4 workshops to receive free massage

Book 4 workshops to receive 2-hour free workplace massage.

  • The 2-hour free massage is available for a maximum of 20 staff. Staff members will receive 5 to 15-minute massages (duration is dependent on the number of staff). 
  • The free workplace massage is available after all 4 workshops have been held.
  • Must be scheduled within 3 months of final workshop.
  • Free for workplaces within 25km of Perth Metro, Joondalup or Fremantle.
  • 2-hour booking to be used within 1 visit.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Rejoov Time Package

The final price will be confirmed upon booking.

  • Rejoov will provide a selection of classes and workshops that are available within this program. The client can choose 2 x workshop topics, 1 x class category (to be repeated 6 times) and either workstation or chair massage. 
  • Upon booking, all 12 services must be scheduled within a 12-month period (cancellation fees apply - see below)
  • For every staff member to participate in the services, we recommend maximum 20 staff. For teams with more than 20 staff, the staff can participate in selected services. Alternatively, Rejoov can provide an updated quote. 

Massage Rates - Conditions

  • Prices include travel, massage therapist, massage chair or table (not applicable to workstation).
  • Prices are quoted per massage therapist.
  • For bookings of 4+ hours will include a quote for therapist breaks.
  • Staff Pay: Conditions Apply - please contact Rejoov to organise
    • Minimum 2 hours. The client and Rejoov will agree to the booking duration. If there are not enough staff to meet the booking duration, or staff are no-shows, Rejoov will invoice the client the difference. 


  • Payment can be made by credit card, cash or direct deposit. Direct deposits must include the invoice number in the description. 
  • Credit card payment can be made with mastercard, visa, etc. A surcharge of 2% applies.
  • Single bookings: An invoice will be sent after the service has been provided. Payment is due within 14 days of receiving the invoice. 
  • Repeat Bookings and Wellness Programs: A payment schedule will be confirmed upon booking.


Single Bookings

Rejoov must be notified in writing of cancellation or reduction of hours. Cancellation (or reduction of hours) within 48 hours or less: up to 60% of the estimated charges will be payable.

Third Parties

Regardless of notice, in addition to the cancellation fee, any costs for a third party as agreed to by the client which are not refundable to Rejoov will be payable by the client to to the third party. 

Repeat Bookings and Wellness Programs

We offer discounted rates for repeat bookings. If, part-way through the contract, the remainder of the services are cancelled, Rejoov may issue a cancellation invoice that will charge full price for the services that have already been received. The invoice will charge the difference between the discounted and full price.

Repeat Massage Bookings

There is no minimum term for repeat bookings. We ask for 48 hours notice to cancel your repeat massage booking.

Force Majeure

Should any Force Majeure inclusive of but not limited to an earthquake, fire, flood, tsunami, cyclone, or civil disturbance, prevent Rejoov from carrying out its obligations Rejoov shall not be liable for non-performance under this agreement. If Rejoov cancels due to force majeure all deposits paid will be refunded or we will reschedule the service.